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We’re a boutique mom-and-pop shop dedicated to providing the highest quality essential oil blends that will help you Access and Elevate your Aum.
What’s Aum?
Aum is a primordial sound that, when chanted, encompasses all of the sounds that make up human language.
The “A” symbolizes the past. The “U” symbolizes the present. And the “M” symbolizes the future.
The meaning of Aum encapsulates the world and truth behind it, the physical and the metaphysical, the material and the sacred, and all forms and formlessness. Ancient Indian cosmology refers to The Creator (Brahma), The Maintainer (Vishnu), and The Destroyer (Shiva) as the dieties who personify each letter.
At Aum Aromas, we believe that every person has the ability to impact the world in positive ways, and that each person’s conscious awareness helps make this impact. And, by supporting conscious awareness with essential oils, we can keep the vibration high, and the focus where it needs to be to maximize the positive impact we each can make.


You need not be spiritual to Access Your Aum™.

You need not be a yogi to Elevate Your Aum™.

You only need to be YOU.